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W8 Top 70 TB

Sirman Vakuumverpackungsmaschinen , Model W8 Top 70 TB :

- Extraordinary design reduces the footprint of the machine and improves comfort
- Bell in great development of volume plexiglass thermoformed thick on mod. 50 and 70, injection in Tritan on mod. 30 and 40
- easily removable sealing bar
- Extremely easy to clean thanks to the perfect flatness of the support product plan.
- Automatic lifting the lid by means of pneumatic pistons.
- Surface for liquid bags
- 5 mm thick, AISI 304 stainless steel, easy to clean plain vacuum chamber
- Available in all sizes: 30, 40, 50 and 70
- Practical and intuitive touch screen display
- Electronic control system with pressure sensor for fast and precise processing
- Adjustable automatic vacuum percentage: 50-100%
- Dedicated programme for liquids
- Dedicated programme for marinading
- 10 different settings savable to preference
- 6 selectable languages
- Settable sealing, vacuum and gas time on a scale 1-10 sec.
- Display of vacuum percentage and time to countdown
- Scheduled management of maintenance operations to ensure longer-lasting life
- oil and filter change warning light
- Thermal pump guard
- Oil preheat and cleaning cycle
- Total rev counter
- Pump meter
- Built-in Wi-Fi card which allows careful management of after-sales service at a distance
- 3-year pump warranty (for machines connected via Wi-Fi)
- Fully manageable via APP that is easy and intuitive and can be downloaded free-of-charge from official stores
Compatible with Industria 4.0
- Hose for external suction
- GN tanks for external suction
- Plexiglass support
- Inert gas system (MAP) and soft air
- Automatic thermal printer by date, time and packing specifications

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