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W8 Top 70 TB


Sirman Упаковщики вакуумные , model W8 Top 70 TB :

- Extraordinary design reduces the footprint of the machine and improves comfort

- Bell in great development of volume plexiglass thermoformed thick on mod. 50 and 70, injection in Tritan on mod. 30 and 40

- easily removable sealing bar

- Extremely easy to clean thanks to the perfect flatness of the support product plan.

- Automatic lifting the lid by means of pneumatic pistons.

- Surface for liquid bags

- 5 mm thick, AISI 304 stainless steel, easy to clean plain vacuum chamber

- Available in all sizes: 30, 40, 50 and 70

- Practical and intuitive touch screen display

- Electronic control system with pressure sensor for fast and precise processing

- Adjustable automatic vacuum percentage: 50-100%

- Dedicated programme for liquids

- Dedicated programme for marinading

- 10 different settings savable to preference

- 6 selectable languages

- Settable sealing, vacuum and gas time on a scale 1-10 sec.

- Display of vacuum percentage and time to countdown

- Scheduled management of maintenance operations to ensure longer-lasting life

- oil and filter change warning light

- Thermal pump guard

- Oil preheat and cleaning cycle

- Total rev counter

- Pump meter

- Built-in Wi-Fi card which allows careful management of after-sales service at a distance

- 3-year pump warranty (for machines connected via Wi-Fi)

- Fully manageable via APP that is easy and intuitive and can be downloaded free-of-charge from official stores

Compatible with Industria 4.0


- Hose for external suction

- GN tanks for external suction

- Plexiglass support

- Inert gas system (MAP) and soft air

- Automatic thermal printer by date, time and packing specifications



Scheda UL

Технические характеристики:

Технические данные :


W8 70 TOP TB

W8 70 TOP TB P


Kw 1,1

Kw 1,1




Вакуумный насос

mc/h 40

mc/h 40

Уплотнительная бара

mm 640x1 / mm 410x2

mm 640x1 / mm 410x2

Размеры полости

mm 780x490 h.190

mm 780x490 h.190


mm 877

mm 877


mm 630

mm 674


mm 513

mm 1134


mm 747

mm 1368


mm 424

mm 424


mm 660

mm 660


mm 95

mm 95


mm 200

mm 200

Вес нетто

kg 115

kg 167

Размеры упаковки

mm 1200x800x720

mm 1200x800x1350

Вес брутто

kg 128

kg 180




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