HOST 2023


13th October 2023 - 17th October 2023

Pavilion Padiglione 3, stand A47 A65 C48 C66

EVENT | 3rd August 2022

Fiera italia.jpg
Milano - Italy

Host Milano is the world fair dedicated to the restaurant and hospitality sector; an active international hub throughout the year that connects professionals, constantly monitors all segments of the industry and consumption trends, provides in-depth insights on current issues, best practices, international scenarios, generates news and global observations, organizes webinars and events worldwide.

Sirman couldn't miss this important event! We will present to you all the new developments, updates, and everything designed for you in recent years. Industry professionals from restaurants, bars, butcheries, bakeries, pizzerias, and much more will be present at our booth, with whom you can engage for any advice or practical application regarding our products.

We look forward to seeing you! Don't miss it!

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