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Innovation in the field of sous vide cooking: Softcookers and vacuum sealers

News | 1st September 2023

Sous vide cooking machines

There are two types of sous vide machines: immersion thermocirculators, and statically heated tanks. The former are advanced models, suitable for those with more complex needs. Statically heated tanks, on the other hand, are mid-range models, which are generally less expensive and are suitable for smaller operations.

Immersion thermocirculators

Immersion thermocirculators are sticks used to heat water in specially designed external tanks. They allow for extremely precise and uniform temperatures to be achieved thanks to high-end electronics and a motor that keeps the water in constant circulation.

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The SIRMAN catalogue contains various models of thermocirculators among the Softcookers. The most advanced ones, like the Softcooker Wi-food , have apps that allow the user to manage and monitor the cooking process remotely using mobile devices. In addition, any power failures are automatically managed by a smart software application.

Sous vide cooking with a statically heated tank

Sous vide machines with static tanks are appliances that do not have thermocirculators, but still manage to ensure reliable levels of cooking, although with slightly less precision than the high-end products.

In this case, the heating mechanism and the tank are combined within a single appliance, which can also be used as a built-in device.

SIRMAN has included several statically heated variants within its catalogue, both for the XP models as well as for the more innovative Wi-Food models.

How to choose a Softcooker

The most demanding chefs will certainly opt for a thermocirculator over a statically heated tank. For both models, however, it is important to consider the accuracy of the set temperature, which should have as little deviation as possible, ideally just a few tenths of a degree.

In the case of thermocirculators, the power of the motor must also be taken into consideration, as the amount of water that the appliance is able to move and heat depends on this element. Models of at least 1200 Watts are almost always required for professional kitchens.

Vacuum sealers and bags suitable for cooking

If a vacuum sealer is to be used for sous vide cooking, then the natural choice is a chamber model, which is capable of generating a near complete vacuum. The vacuum sealer must be used in combination with plain bags that are suitable for withstanding the heat of the cooking process for long periods of time.

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It is also possible to vacuum seal and sous vide cook liquid foods, but these generally pose a greater risk of spillage during the packaging process. For those who need to package liquids on a regular basis, it is recommended to use a model with a vertical chamber, such as the W8 30 Vertigo.

The other purchasing criteria will vary based on the user’s needs, which are explored in greater detail in this article.

A vacuum sealer and Softcooker in one: the Easysoft

For those in search of a simple, space-saving solution, SIRMAN also offers a vacuum sealer and softcooker combined within a single unit: the Easysoft. This model is specially designed for small enterprises that want to enjoy all the advantages of vacuum storage and sous vide cooking.


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