How to choose a vacuum packing machine

press-room | 31st March 2023

Uses of a vacuum packing machine

Professional kitchens use vacuum packing to preserve food and prepare it for sous-vide. In both cases, the procedure is the same, but the type of pouches is different, depending on the food you want to cook.

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Because of the low temperatures and long cooking times involved with sous-vide, achieving a near-complete vacuum seal is crucial.

What vacuum packing machine should you buy?

A professional vacuum packing machine is essential, regardless of the sector. Domestic appliances can rarely achieve a vacuum percentage higher than 85%. As high as this may sound, vacuum levels above 99% are necessary for the best food preservation, particularly for sous-vide cooking. Only a near-complete vacuum seal can stop bacterial proliferation and preserve food safely, even for long periods.

So how do you recognise the ideal machine for your needs? The market offers two types of vacuum packing machines:

Edge vacuum machines

Edge vacuum machines are not ideal for sous-vide cooking in a professional kitchen. They are mainly used as foodsavers to extend the food’s shelf life.

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Depending on the model, edge vacuum sealers can ensure a relatively high vacuum percentage. However, chamber vacuum sealers are preferred in a professional kitchen as they are more efficient and versatile.

Vacuum chamber machines

Vacuum Chamber Machines meet catering needs because they can ensure almost 100% vacuum. They consist of an inner basin, called a chamber, and a lid with a characteristic bell shape.

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These models ensure reliability and a high vacuum percentage. In addition, they allow you to process large volumes of food. Chamber vacuum sealers are suitable for preserving liquids and friable food.

Other criteria to take into consideration

Before you buy an edge or chamber vacuum sealer, you should consider some additional factors related to your needs and machine management. Let’s see a few of them:

Inert gas option

Some models can seal food in a protected atmosphere using inert gas. This function is essential for sealing friable and delicate food, which would be crushed as soon as air is removed from the pouch. Inert gas (usually nitrogen) replaces the air in the pouch, creating an environment as safe as vacuum.

Oil pump or dry pump

Vacuum packing machines using a dry pump are less efficient and achieve lower amounts of vacuum than oil pumps. There are different types of oil pumps based on their power and brand. For example, DVP and Busch are some of the most reliable oil pump manufacturers. Their models ensure high power and create vacuum quickly and efficiently.

User-friendly software and commands

Sirman’s vacuum packing machine is easy to use because of its software and commands. Choosing the appliance that meets your needs with functional commands is essential.

Photo: Sirman vacuum machine touch commands


SIRMAN’s most advanced models are fitted with artificial intelligence to automate some steps, including setting the vacuum time. Moreover, they alert users when it’s time for maintenance, i.e. changing the oil or calibrating vacuum sensors.

Cleaning and maintenance

A vacuum packing machine must be regularly cleaned and serviced to ensure maximum efficiency and safety. Changing the oil is a crucial step that is usually done by certified personnel. However, with some models, users can do it too. To make this process simpler, a SIMRMAN-patented option allows users to change the oil automatically by connecting the machine to an external tank.

The ease with which these steps can be performed will influence your choice, positively impacting costs and the user experience.

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