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Professional sous vide for low temperature cooking

Low-temperature vacuum cooking requires professional sous vide appliances in order to be carried out safely. SIRMAN offers a full range of models designed to meet the needs of everyone, from small restaurants, to canteens, to the renowned kitchens of Michelin-starred chefs.

How low-temperature cooking works

SIRMAN Softcookers are able to ensure extremely precise cooking levels, thanks to sophisticated electronics that maintain a constant and controlled temperature, with minimal variations.

When combined with vacuum sealed food products, this technology allows for low temperature cooking to be performed without compromising on food quality and safety. Then again, sous vide cooking offers numerous advantages in terms of both food quality and the management of the cooking process itself.

All the advantages of low-temperature cooking

The greatest advantages of sous vide cooking are linked to the quality of the entrées. In fact, the combination of vacuum sealing, low temperatures, and long cooking times prevents **moisture and flavour** loss, reduces oxidation, and keeps the **nutritional properties** intact. As a result, dishes cooked by sous vide have:
  • a particularly soft and juicy texture
  • intense flavour
  • brilliant colours

Sous vide is also economically and organisationally advantageous, as it optimises the working time, reduces waste, and eliminates the weight loss that food undergoes with traditional cooking processes.

What types of softcookers are there

There are two types of low-temperature cooking machines: thermocirculators, or sous vide sticks, and statically heated tanks.

Immersion thermocirculators are designed for the most demanding chefs, and, thanks to a water circulation mechanism, which ensures a perfectly uniform temperature throughout the entire tank, they allow for extremely precise cooking.

Static tanks, or sous vide baths, are more cost-effective models that, despite not having a circulator, allow for extremely reliable cooking levels to be obtained.

The advantages of SIRMAN Softcookers: quality, durability, and ease of use

All SIRMAN models are manufactured with high quality electronic and mechanical components, making them extremely reliable and durable.

For those looking to gain experience with sous vide cooking, the Softcooker light. This model is capable of heating up to 20 litres of water with simple and intuitive controls.

More demanding users can opt for the Wi-Food and XP models, which are equipped with advanced control systems, and have a temperature fluctuations of no more than 0.2°. Both are available in a circulator version as well as a sous vide bath version.

The Softcooker Wi-Food are equipped with high efficiency heating elements and fans, which, on the stick models, are capable of heating up to 80 litres of water, even in improvised containers. They can be managed remotely via the app, and have built-in alarm systems to notify the user of any cooking problems encountered in real time.

The latest Wi-Food NFC models even include an antenna for reading SWP probes, which measure the core temperature in real time, with no need to puncture the package.

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