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IoT machine manageable in the cloud with SRCS

Now available in 4 versions: - Wi-Food Softcooker: sides in ABS and basket in aluminium - Wi-Food X Softcooker: sides and basket in AISI 304 stainless steel - NFC Wi-Food Softcooker: sides in ABS and basket in aluminium, with antenna - Wi-Food X NFC Softcooker: sides and basket in AISI 304 stainless steel, with antenna - The NFC versions fitted with a built-in antenna to get on-the-spot readings from the SWP “Softcooker Wireless Probes” - A large and practical 5” touch screen display, with IP 67 rating - Up to 10 instant programmes on the machine and countless other programmes through the APP. - Practical handle for carrying the machine - Via the special free App, the Wi-Fi connection allows you to check the cooking even from home. - The APP also allows you to manage various pieces of equipment, private and public recipes with 4 levels, HACCP cooking logs, printing of adhesive labels, setting audible alarms, Multitimer function, reading and configuration of the SWP “Softcooker Wireless Probes” and a whole lot more. NFC - At last a practical and efficient system for monitoring the temperature in the heart of vacuum-cooked food - Practical and robust wireless probes with NFC technology which allows you to read the temperature in the middle using a practical APP or directly via Softcooker Wi-Food NFC - Can be reused thousands of times and loaded with data regarding the product, supplier, cooking, packaging date etc. - Free, easy and intuitive management APP Compatible with Industria 4.0


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Product details

  • Model: Softcooker Wi-Food
  • Power: watt 2.000
  • Power source: 1ph
  • Temperature: °C 24÷99,9
    F° 75,2÷199,9
  • Bowl capacity: -
  • Bowl filling capacity: -
  • A: mm 165
  • B: mm 109
  • C: mm 174
  • D: mm 203
  • E: mm 152
  • F: mm 377
  • G: mm 180
  • X: mm 40
  • Y: -
  • H: -
  • Net weight: -
  • Shipping: kg 4,5
  • Net weight: mm 330x455x240
  • HS-CODE: 85161080
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The SIRMAN Softcooker: quality and technology for sous vide cooking

SIRMAN was among the first companies to develop professional sous vide appliances for the food service industry. Boasting over ten years of experience in the sector, the company has developed increasingly efficient, reliable and user-friendly machines, culminating in the Wi-Food Softcooker.

This is the most advanced model in the catalogue, and it’s designed to meet all vacuum cooking needs, even the most complex.

Sous vide cooking: how the Softcooker works

The Wi-Food Softcooker is an immersion circulator, equipped with a powerful motor and a fan to ensure a uniform and precise cooking temperature. It can be used in combination with SIRMAN sous vide containers or other containers, as long as they are regular and of similar size.

Once immersed in the tank and with the appropriate cooking programme set, the Softcooker heats up and keeps the water circulating, thus ensuring a precise and steady cooking temperature..

What can be prepared with low-temperature cooking

Low-temperature cooking is suitable for almost all food categories.Meat, vegetables, fruit, fish and shellfish, as well as liquid foods, like sauces and soups, can all be cooked by sous vide.

One of the greatest advantagesof vacuum cooking is the quality of the food, which has a soft and juicy texture, an incredible aroma, and brilliant colours. The low temperature cooking process also protects the food’s nutritional properties.

Sous vide cooking is particularly advantageous for meat preparation, as it allows for extremely precise levels of cooking. In addition, the extended cooking times soften the stringy parts of the meat without drying it out, thus making it possible to cook rare dishes that are extremely tender and flavourful.

All the advantages of the Wi-Food Softcooker

Thanks to their high-quality components and excellent efficiencyall SIRMAN Softcooker models are ideal for even the most demanding kitchens. The Wi-Food Softcooker supplements these standard features with a series of advanced functions for an even better user experience:

  • a powerful 2 KW heating element that can keep up to 80 litres of water circulating
  • a large, waterproof, touch display that can even be read from a distance
  • the possibility of using one or more appliances via the app, even remotely

  • They also have innovative software controls that automatically manage any errors encountered during the cooking process, such as power failures, and notify the user in real time.

    The most advanced NFC models also have an antenna for reading SWP probes, which allow the core temperature of food to be monitored during cooking.

    SWP probes

    Available for purchase separately, these probes do not require batteries, and are sealed inside the bags prior to cooking. Once the cooking process has begun, their data can be read by moving them close to the Softcooker’s antenna or a portable device with the appropriate app, such as a smartphone or tablet.

    Unlike the pin-style alternatives, they do not puncture the pack and don’t cause any vacuum leakage, while the absence of a battery prevents any potential for contamination.

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