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Pasta machines


Pasta machines - Extruders - CONCERTO 5 - Sirman

Pasta machines


Pasta machines - Extruders - CONCERTO 5 EC - Sirman

Pasta machines


Pasta machines - Ravioli machine - RAVIOLI STAMPI/MOLDS - Sirman

Pasta machines


Pasta machines - Extruders - ORCHESTRA 10 - Sirman

Pasta machines


Pasta machines - Extruders - ORCHESTRA 10 T - Sirman

Pasta machines


Pasta machines - Extruders - PASTASTATION - Sirman

Pasta machines


Pasta machines - Ravioli machine - RAVIOMATIC - Sirman

Pasta machines


Pasta machines - Laminators - SANSONE XP - Sirman

Pasta machines


Pasta machines - Extruders - SINFONIA 2 - Sirman

Pasta machines


Pasta machines - Extruders - SIRPASTA XP - Sirman

Pasta machines


Pasta machines - Dies - TRAFILE/DIES Ø110 - Sirman

Pasta machines


Pasta machines - Dies - TRAFILE/DIES Ø59 - Sirman

Pasta machines


Pasta machines - Dies - TRAFILE/DIES Ø75 - Sirman

Electric pasta machine, professional pasta machine, pasta making machine

SIRPASTA: a pasta machine for true connoisseurs

Sirman enters the pasta sector with a highly professional product: the SirPasta professional pasta machine. The Sirpasta machine was conceived from the beginning as a machine for pasta professionals. With its planetary spiral system, the Sirpasta meets the standards of even the most demanding perfectionists in the field of pasta making. Professional pasta machines, especially the SirPasta, require fixed proportions in terms of flour and liquid ingredients, and any deviation from these measurements can cause the machine to become overloaded.

Sinfonia, Concerto, Orchestra: professional machine for every need

The later pasta machines manufactured by Sirman have a broader range of uses, as they have a greater tolerance for recipe errors.
One very common misconception among the users of professional pasta machines is that a handmade pasta recipe, which generally has a ratio of one egg per 100 grams of flour, can be used with an electric pasta machine. The truth, however, is that a pasta machine works much faster, and therefore requires less liquid, with a liquid proportion equal to just 40% of the dry portion. The initial dough is therefore much grainier than handmade dough, and does not require additional moisture to come together. The machines developed after the SirPasta are designed to be used by a wider range of professionals, as they are more robust, and come in different sizes to meet the needs of small, medium, or large food service enterprises. Sirman therefore offers: the Sinfonia pasta machine, for up to two kg of flour (2.8 kg total, with the wet component), the Concerto pasta machine, for up to 3 kg of flour (4.2 kg total), and the Orchestra pasta machine for up to 7 kg of flour (9.8 kg total).

The devices developed by Sirman to ensure safe, robust, and effective machines

Sirman machines stand out on the market thanks to specific features that render them extremely safe and effective. All Sirman professional machines come equipped with a small funnel for evenly distributing the liquid portion of the recipe in a uniform manner. The funnel ensures that the liquid part falls directly onto the flour, thus preventing it from sticking to the mixer blades. With other machines, the portions that have become stuck to the blades and the edges immediately need to be scraped after the liquid has been added. The funnel prevents the dough from accumulating on the blades or the sides of the bowl, and is conducive to forming a uniform dough. In order to avoid subjecting the pasta machines to undue stress,Sirman’s ravioli machines are equipped with an extrusion button, which must be pressed longer in order to be activated. This is because the electric pasta machines are equipped with a single motor, and when the mixer is activated, the dough extrusion auger is also activated. With the dough inside the machine, it isn’t always possible to see the motor’s direction of rotation. As a result, the user might activate the extrusion process when the dough isn’t ready, thus overloading the pasta machine. In order to prevent the user from making this mistake, the dough extrusion button must be pressed for a longer time to activate the function. Sirman machines are also equipped with a polyethylene mixing die that serves a related purpose: in fact, thanks to its large holes, the die allows the flour pass through during the mixing process if the machine is being used improperly, thus allowing the operator to immediately recognise the error without overloading the machine. The mixing die also prevents the dough from becoming stuck in the specific bronze dies. The mixing die therefore not only serves as a warning to avoid possible mistakes, but is also helpful for more experienced pasta makers as well. In fact, if during the mixing phase one were to use a die for any pasta format that required long mixing times, the dough might dry out and become stuck in the die and obstruct it. In order to ensure maximum safety, Sirman has also made changes to the pasta cutter motor, and has developed a system whereby the shaft loses traction when detached from the die, thus stopping the pasta cutter itself.

The Sansone sheeter

The Sirman sheeter is named after Samson, due to its strength and robustness. The roller is available in sizes of 25 cm, 32 cm, 42 cm and 52 cm. The Sansone machine stands out from the competition thanks to its carefully designed safety system. Although it does not perform any cutting or chopping actions, the sheeter must nevertheless be used with maximum caution, as it exerts extremely high force in order to roll the dough. Sirman has designed a limited opening, which might appear as a nuisance, as the Sirman sheeter is an extremely powerful machine. The protection element can be removed to facilitate cleaning, as can the slide. Moreover, being made of robust stainless steel, this element not only serves to protect the users hands, but also to press the dough inside. The Sansone machine is sized to facilitate the insertion of the dough, as well as the extraction of the sheet. The sheeter also has an additional roller, which serves to accompany the dough and prevent it from being damaged. Cutters are available for all machines, and can be purchased separately based on the user’s specific requirements.