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Sirman Slicers: Attention to Detail for Over 50 Years

Flywheel slicers take us back to times gone by, but those from Sirman are cutting-edge professional products.

The professional slicer is the product upon which SIRMAN has always focused, with the aim of developing a safe, versatile, and high-performance machine suitable for a variety of uses.

The slicer is an extremely versatile product that can be used in various sectors, including butcher’s shops, supermarkets, grocery stores, restaurant kitchens, and canteens. In fact, in addition to cold meats and sausages, it can also be used to slice other types of meats, as well as vegetables and cheeses.

The different uses and variety of products led to the development of two different types of slicers: based on the positioning of the blade: vertical slicers, also known as flat slicers, and inclined slicers, also known as gravity slicers. Professional slicers: which ones should you?

Electric slicers

Inclined slicers

Inclined slicers are ideal for large-scale production, as their strength lies in the speed and simplicity of the slicing process.

Among the inclined slicer the electric slicers are particularly suitable for large-scale production purposes. These “plug and play” machines have rotating blades, and carriages that slide back and forth automatically. They’re designed for large supermarkets, food service enterprises with a large seating capacities, and community kitchens, such as canteens. Their speed and precision of execution allow for large quantities of product to be sliced in a short period of time. Restaurants and pizzerias can therefore reduce the amount of slicing they do in the evenings, eliminating potential waste if the product isn’t consumed, while at the same time guaranteeing fast turnaround times thanks to an easy-to-use machine.

The inclination of the blade allows the product to descend automatically along the tray as it is sliced. The choice of the inclination angle depends on various factors, including the slicing position, the space available for the slices, and the speed of execution (the greater the blade’s incline, the more the product descends towards it). The inclined slicer facilitates the slicing process for greater speed.

Vertical slicers

The vertical slicers are easier on the employees’ posture, and prevent them from having to assume flexed positions that can become uncomfortable over time.

In the field of affettatrici, vertical machines are considered high-end products, as they have a more technical structure, with a double plate for sliding the product. In fact, the product is mounted on the first plate, which, in turn, slides on another plate.

The portion of the product to be sliced is made to protrude from the plate each time it is sliced. The vertical slicer allows for greater precision due to the manual pushing action, whereby the product is made to approach the blade in a uniform manner. Vertical slicers are ideal for those who prefer a precise slice, even for large products. The vertical slicer come equipped with different specific types of plates for cold meats and fresh meats.

The slicers for deli meats, which have irregular shapes (consider the difference between mortadella and speck, for example), have an arm with a studded surface to hold the product in place, while the tray is completely flat. Their two plates slide over one another, and are completely flat.

As far as fresh meat is concerned, the product needs to be contained, as it is heterogeneous and not very compact. It must also be prevented from sticking to the plate, resulting in imprecise slices. The plate designed for this type of product therefore has a slightly concave, tray-like shape, with lateral edges to contain the product and limit its movement. The two machines are designed to process different meat products, both fresh and cured, each with different bacterial loads, and their exclusive use for their designated products avoids cross-contamination, thus facilitating the cleaning operations.

Manual slicers

The manual flywheel slicers deserve separate mention: The manual flywheel slicers. In addition to having a charming design, they’re also quite complex. It’s a slicer without a vertical product support, which is activated by a hand-operated flywheel. The movement causes the blade to turn and the carriage to move forward. It is based on the ratio of the blade’s revolutions to the carriage’s advancement.

Flywheel slicers are precise and functional, and are ideal for butcher’s shops and restaurants with open work areas and kitchens, as they have a vintage look typical of a traditional Italian delicatessen.

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