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- Long life cast iron plates, which ensure hygiene, acid and salt proofness and resistance to oxidation. - The digital display and the 4 controls (with multiple functions) make the cooking process more efficient. The new controls allow you to set the cooking temperature and the audible timer. - The thermostat can be managed in both °C and °F and is adjustable up to 300°C in a range of 5 °C each time. - Once the Timer is set, the countdown begins and it’s visible on the display. An adjustable buzzer will warn you that the product is ready.


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  • Modell: Digigrill M Timer
  • Leistung: watt 2.100
  • Betriebspannung: 1ph
  • Nutzfläcke: mm 355x255
  • A: mm 340
  • B: mm 275
  • C: mm 396
  • D: mm 389
  • E: mm 185
  • F: mm 508
  • Netto Gewicht: kg 23
  • Verpack. abmessungen: mm 430x420x270
  • Brutto Gewicht: kg 25
  • HS-CODE: 84198180

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