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IS 35 Idra

Sirman SaUsage Stuffers , model IS 35 Idra :

Simple and functional, the new IDRA hydraulic vertical sausage fillers feature a powerful hydraulic system that operates at a pressure of 120 bars.
Manufactured entirely from stainless steel, the machine can be completely disas-sembled for easy cleaning without requiring tools.
It features characteristics typical of higher category models:
- fully stainless steel cover and piston;
- silicone gaskets that act inside the cylinder for better seal and longer life of the gasket;
- hermetic protection of the hydraulic cylinder;
- stainless steel piston rod;
- polished and rounded stainless steel cylinder, without obligatory direction;
- powerful and silent ventilated motor operating at 2,800 rpm with immediate action;
- automatic piston return when motor stops;
- IP67 s/steel controls,
- high-precision oil flow controller;
- optional rubber wheels for mod. IDRA15 and standard for mod. IDRA 25-35-50;
- oil tank with level gauge.

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