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At the annual show FHC in Shanghai, Sirman wanted to celebrate with elegance an important goal: the tenth birthday of SIRMAN Shangai (logistic center in China). Do you think that Sirman, a name of such high level, could organize only a simple dinner in Italian restaurant?? Obviously not!!
Just for the event three Italian stellar chefs arrived to Shanghai with Gianluca Tomasi, past team manager of the Italian Chefs Team, to prepare a special dinner,only based on finger food, at the Hyatt hotel in the Jin Mao Tower. Hereby attached some shots to remember together the event. Some of the biggest customer in China thanked the Sirman's president, Nereo Marzaro, with beautiful presents; the first invoice issued by the Chinese branch, given to Luca Marzaro; the big family Sirman, who participated to the success of this event; three magnificent shining Anniversario slicers.

Thank you very much to everyone, in particular to the wonderful chefs, that with our staff made this event unique, emphasizing Sirman's success in China!"

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