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PRECISION - DESIGN - SAVING The NE 1878 is the ideal microwave oven for preparing the most delicate foods. PRECISION Inverter technology allows you to cook, reheat or defrost foods without creating cold spots or overcooked edges. This Inverter microwave delivers an accurate power level; when you ask for 60% power, the oven delivers 60% power for the entire duration of the cooking time chosen. This applies no matter what power level is selected giving you better, more even cooking results. Lastly, the lower weight of the inverter technology makes the machine more manageable and easier to move where necessary. DESIGN The all-metal door with no ridges or films to clean, is totally smooth. This makes the inside easy to clean and increases the lifspane of the oven. The NE-1878 has been programmed to not operate when the ceiling plate is not in place, preventing damages to the cavity and expensive repairs. SAVING With Inverter microwaves, you can save up to 9% on energ consumption*. (*compared to NE-1853)


Product details

  • Modell: NE1878
  • Power: 1ph
  • Required power: watt 2.650
  • Output power: watt 1.800 max
  • Microwave frequency: Mhz 2.450
  • Magnetrons: n. 4x450 watt
  • Timer: min. 15 / 30
  • Volume: lt 18
  • Inner dimensions: mm 330x310 h.170 - 1/2 GN
  • A: mm 422
  • B: mm 514
  • C: mm 875
  • D: mm 337
  • Net weight: kg 17.5
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