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From the Sirman Machines For Cooking range, we introduce the model Smokerbag with the following features:

SmokerBag, a new product produced in Finnland, is an innovating solution for an easy, healthy and ecological smoking of any food – meat, fish, vegetables and even fruit – in any time of the year.
SmokerBag is a large aluminium bag with a double wall containing minute chips of alder wood, birch syrup and natural sugar. When SmokerBag reaches the working temperature in the oven or on the grill, these natural ingredients produce a light smoking of food in the bag, and the baking in foil keeps it soft and juicy.
SmokerBag is a fine tool in the hands of the chef, gaining benefit from its great ver-satility and potentials and blending a peculiar Nordic flavour with different culinary arts.

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