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Mantegna 300 VCO Top

Sirman Slicers , model Mantegna 300 Vco Top :

- Innovative rounded design and no sharp edges or visible screws.
- Chrome plated ground and lapped slide rod.
- Lapped cast iron slide rod bushing.
- Vulcanised rubber stops on carriage.
- Removable support cover for thickness gauge plate.
- Stainless steel slice deflector with snap-on bayonet fitting
- Stainless steel screws and fittings.
- Bottom cover for accessing electrical components.
- Changeover electronic circuit 110-220-380 V single and three-phase.
- Built-in sharpening tool with bottom protection.
- Enclosed and sealed belt pulley.
- 48 mm distance between blade and motor.
- Standard blade removal tool.
- Aluminium knobs.
- Aluminium telescopic feet with rubber base.
- Stainless steel pushbuttons with IP67 protection rating.
- Maintenance tool kit.
- Specially required by the Northern European marketplace
- Product table designed to slice all types of products
- Removable aluminum end weight.
- Designed with grooves: nails underneath
- Avaialble with double articulating arm on end weight.

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