Professional slicers: which ones should you

News | 31st March 2023

Many kitchen appliances facilitate, speed up, and improve processes. For example, dough mixers or meat grinders speed up operations and make them less tiring for the operator. If the chef or butcher is skilled enough, they can achieve the same results manually, but it will obviously take more time and effort. On the contrary, slicers are irreplaceable because even the most experienced professionals won’t be able to replicate the same slice manually.

Over the years, Sirman has changed, adapted, and fine-tuned its slicers based on their intended use and users’ needs. That’s why it offers a wide range of slicers. See them all listed below and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Strength: speed

Speed is a relevant factor in supermarkets, canteens, and restaurants. Slicing fast and precisely is the strength of inclined slicers. The blade inclination allows the product to slide automatically along the tray as it’s cut. The inclination angle is a choice influenced by various factors, including the slicing position, the space available for the slices, and the speed of execution. The more inclined the blade, the more the product slides towards it. As a result, the inclined slicer facilitates and speeds up the slicing process.

Palladio, Sirman’s electric slicer, is ideal for the large-scale catering industry. In addition, its rounded shape facilitates and speeds up cleaning operations. This machine is made of die-cast aluminium. Making this machine requires a massive amount of molten metal compared to what will make up the machine. Moreover, top-quality metal alloys are needed for the final anodising stage. The electrolytic process results in clean, long-lasting, and homogeneous food-grade aluminium, which stands out for its hardness and strength.

Photo: Slicer Sirman Palladio 330 EVO


Strength: precision

The vertical slicer is considered a premium model in the slicing industry. Vertical slicers are more technical since they feature a double plate. The product is first fixed to the first plate and slides on the second plate. As a result, part of the product protrudes from the plate every time it’s sliced. The vertical machine ensures increased precision because the operator brings the product closer to the blade, ensuring homogeneity. Vertical slicers are perfect for those who want a precise slice, even for large products. Moreover, these slicers prevent the operator from adopting an uncomfortable posture.

The Mantegna slicer is the high-end electric vertical version designed for the catering industry. It has a rounded shape and, like most of Sirman’s professional slicers, it’s made of die-cast anodised aluminium. The subsequent electrolytic process increases the machine’s corrosion resistance, making it food-grade. In addition, Sirman’s vertical slicer is equipped with a sharpener to facilitate and speed up sharpening operations.

Photo: Slicer Sirman Mantegna 350 Vco


Strength: aesthetics

The manual flywheel slicer is exceptionally charming. Displayed in restaurants, it inspires customers to order something that involves its use. However, its clean lines hide its technical complexity. This slicer activates manually by rotating the flywheel connected to the blade and trolley while the carriage runs at a fixed rate at every turn of the blade. Sirman’s flywheel slicers are beautiful, precise, and functional. Italian charcuterie is getting increasingly popular even outside of Italy, evoking nostalgic memories. Sirman’s flywheel slicer recreates Italy’s poetic and convivial atmosphere. It’s no coincidence that the first thing that pops into people’s minds when they hear the word “Italy” is excellent food.

Sirman’s flagship machine can be used in manual and electric modes. We’re talking about the Legend slicer. When in electric mode, the carriage moves forward as the blade rotates autonomously. The only thing the operator has to do is to arrange the slice on the board or tray. As easy as that! In manual mode, the operator can move the carriage manually through the handwheel while the blade rotates electrically. This machine needs extreme precision during construction and assembly. Sirman’s handwheel slicer is articulated and, thus, recommended for cutting the same product for a long time. Since it runs both in electric and manual mode, the Legend slicer is fitted with a gauge plate for safety reasons. This way, the operator arranges the slices on the tray without having to make samples first. By activating the manual mode, the gauge plate opens while the plate moves forward according to the desired thickness. Therefore, the product doesn’t come into contact with any surface when cut, preventing even the slightest friction.

Legend is not a new version of a vintage slicer. It’s a modern machine whose mechanical and aesthetic details are designed to promote function and cleanliness. Moreover, it’s the only flywheel slicer on the market that allows users to remove the carriage for cleaning operations.

Photo: Slicer Sirman Legend LA

Legend LS.jpg

Strength: small size

Sirman’s Mirra electric slicer is compact and essential. This gravity-feed slicer is practical and fits into small spaces. Due to its reduced size, this professional electric slicer is the favourite for bars, bistros, and small restaurants. Mirra is highly appreciated, even in Northern Europe. You can find it in shops and supermarkets because it can slice cured meats with the smallest circumference while ensuring a medium-intense use. As the majority of Sirman’s professional slicers, Mirra is made of die-cast aluminium, which is anodised during the final stage.

Photo: Slicer Sirman Mirra 275 VAS BS


Strength: more than meat and cold cuts

Sirman provides special toothed or Teflon-coated blades or ceramic slicers for slicing products like cheese, which tends to stick to the machine when it reaches high temperatures. Stonehenge models allow for easy cleaning. The removable parts can even be washed in the dishwasher. Stonehenge is Sirman’s range of ceramic-coated slicers. Moreover, Sirman provides special containers for these products. For example, Food Tube 2.0 is an accessory that allows operators to cut vegetables into several slices at a time. To cut smoked salmon, Sirman recommends Poseidon, an accessory that allows fish to slide and be cut in a fast and impeccable way.

FOTO: Affettatrice Sirman Palladio Stonehenge Palladio Top Stonehenge_ver.jpg

Strength: technology

IoT can be applied to Sirman’s medium and large slicers. It improves the machine’s potential without making it less user-friendly. Moreover, it monitors the machine’s contactors, consumption, and motor temperature. IoT helps manage maintenance and replacements of consumables like blades or grinders without machine downtime. For safety reasons, the machine turns off automatically to prevent operators from leaving it on due to its silent operation.

We've only looked at a small portion of Sirman's product line because the company's actual strength lies in its ability to tailor its equipment to the industry and the demands and priorities of the users. The experience and investments in research and development have led Sirman to focus on every detail of its slicers.


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