- Electronic control over humidity, temperature and seasoning times at various levels - Practical touch control, that is easy to access and easy to position - 10 programmes that are easily retrievable via the keyboard - Gas R452A - Can be controlled via the handy APP that allows you: > to manage an infinite number of programmes on various levels > to store the control data for HACCP purposes > to retrieve tested programmes > easy and intuitive management - Practical system for hanging charcuterie; it allows each single item to be managed without needing to remove others - Available in a version that allows the introduction of humidity from the outside


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  • Modéle: Caneva salumi
  • Puissance: 1ph
  • Puissance absorbée: watt 570
  • Température: +2°C / +25°C
  • Humidité: 40% - 95%
  • A: mm 725
  • B: mm 797
  • C: mm 2020÷2050
  • Poids net: kg 140
  • HS-CODE: 84185090
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