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Now available in 4 versions: - Wi-Food Softcooker: sides in ABS and basket in aluminium - Wi-Food X Softcooker: sides and basket in AISI 304 stainless steel - NFC Wi-Food Softcooker: sides in ABS and basket in aluminium, with antenna - Wi-Food X NFC Softcooker: sides and basket in AISI 304 stainless steel, with antenna - The NFC versions fitted with a built-in antenna to get on-the-spot readings from the SWP “Softcooker Wireless Probes” - A large and practical 5” touch screen display, with IP 67 rating - Up to 10 instant programmes on the machine and countless other programmes through the APP. - Practical handle for carrying the machine - Via the special free App, the Wi-Fi connection allows you to check the cooking even from home. - The APP also allows you to manage various pieces of equipment, private and public recipes with 4 levels, HACCP cooking logs, printing of adhesive labels, setting audible alarms, Multitimer function, reading and configuration of the SWP “Softcooker Wireless Probes” and a whole lot more. NFC - At last a practical and efficient system for monitoring the temperature in the heart of vacuum-cooked food - Practical and robust wireless probes with NFC technology which allows you to read the temperature in the middle using a practical APP or directly via Softcooker Wi-Food NFC - Can be reused thousands of times and loaded with data regarding the product, supplier, cooking, packaging date etc. - Free, easy and intuitive management APP Compatible with Industria 4.0


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Détails du produit

  • Modèle: Softcooker Wi-Food
  • Puissance: watt 2.000
  • Alimentation: 1ph
  • Températur: °C 24÷99,9
    F° 75,2÷199,9
  • Capacité cuve: -
  • Capacité utile cuve: -
  • A: mm 165
  • B: mm 109
  • C: mm 174
  • D: mm 203
  • E: mm 152
  • F: mm 377
  • G: mm 180
  • X: mm 40
  • Y: -
  • H: -
  • Poids net: -
  • Emballage: kg 4,5
  • Poids brut: mm 330x455x240
  • HS-CODE: 85161080
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